Meltdown: Three Mile Island has been nominated for an IDA Award

DECOY is happy to announce Netflix’s four part documentary series, Meltdown: Three Mile Island, has been nominated by the International Documentary Association.

‘Meltdown: Three Mile Island’ Is a Methodical Look at an American Disaster: TV Review

“Meltdown: Three Mile Island,” a new four-part documentary on Netflix, does an elegant job...

‘The Meltdown: Three Mile Island’ Trailer: An Explosive Atomic Conspiracy Is Untangled

The worst nuclear event in U.S. history took place on Three Mile Island in Middletown, PA, in 1979, and now a new Netflix documentary revisits what exactly went wrong.

‘The Most Dangerous Animal of All’: TV Review

In 'The Most Dangerous Animal of All,' FX's first entrant into the docuseries landscape, a man suspects his father to have been the Zodiac Killer.

‘The Most Dangerous Animal of All’ Probes the Man Who Believes His Father Was the Zodiac Killer

The new four-part FX docuseries “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” explores the wild story of Gary Stewart, who believes his criminal father was the notorious Zodiac Killer.